Dont worry, your answers are completely anonymous.
In general, how do you feel about your current financial situation?
  • I am very worried.
  • I am somewhat worried.
  • I am not worried but I am not confident either.
  • I am confident.
How would you describe your knowledge of financial matters?
  • I am absolutely clueless.
  • I probably know enough to be dangerous.
  • I have a good basic understanding.
  • I am very well-educated in financial matters.
Approximately how much do you have set aside for emergencies?
  • Nothing – I'm living check to check or in the red each month.
  • 1-3 months pay.
  • 4-6 months pay.
  • 7 months pay or more.
Approximately how much of your pay are you saving for the long-term?
  • 0%-5%
  • 6%-10%
  • 11%-15%
  • 15%
Check all the types of insurances you carry:
  • Homeowners (or renters)
  • Vehicle
  • Life
  • Health
Do you have "splurge" spending habits that hurt you?
  • Splurging is a big problem for me. I feel guilty but can't seem to stop.
  • I'll go on big splurges and then I won't splurge for months.
  • I treat myself once in a while, but it's nothing I can't control.
  • I never splurge. If it's not in my budget, I just don't do it.
How do you pay your bills each month?
  • I'm typically behind on my payments.
  • I'm usually current on my payments but it's a struggle.
  • I'm current on my payments and it's no problem.
  • I'm current and I usually pay more than the minimum payments.
Approximately how much high-interest
(Annual Percentage Rate of 10% or higher) debt do you owe?
  • 11%+ of my gross annual pay.
  • 7%-10% of my gross annual pay.
  • 4%-6% of my gross annual pay.
  • 3% or less of my gross annual pay.
On how many credit cards
(including store cards, gas cards, etc.) do you maintain a balance?
  • 6+
  • 4-5
  • 1-3
  • None – I pay them off each month.
How would you describe your monthly budget?
  • I have no budget.
  • I have a budget but I don't pay much attention to it.
  • I have a general budget and I'm pretty good about sticking to it.
  • I have a detailed budget and I stick to it without fail.